Elpro Maritime Engineering


Throughout the decades, Elpro Electro has been involved in high-quality installation services for state-of-the-art and advanced ships. We have built our reputation on decades of industry experience, problem-solving skills, reliability and on-time delivery. We carefully nurture a corporate culture of excellence. The human factor is fundamental to our future-oriented, tailor-made solutions and services.

Elpro provides a full range of electrical engineering services, such as electrical steel drawings, all kind of electrical work drawings and tailor-made solutions for our clients. We also take responsibility for the interface between different suppliers in the project and approval of the technical documentation and guarantee management. 

We have highly qualified personnel within different systems such as engine systems, deck systems, accommodation, bridge systems, communication systems, voice and warning systems, etc. We have experience for example from the world’s first four-engine LNG RoPax/Cruise ships, diving support ships, highly advanced construction vessels with ROV systems, AHTS ships and seismic ships with 3D-16 streamer. Due to recent developments in the shipping industry, with new kinds of systems, demand for more system integration and environmental requirements, every new project is a challenge that we look forward to accepting.

With our extensive knowledge and experience and our cooperation with trusted partners, we are fully updated in terms of new technology and can ensure that our clients and projects have the best solutions in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability. Our motto is to deliver at the right time, at the right quality, at the right price. In cooperation with Elpro Solutions, we can also offer a wide range of products such as main switchboards, bridge and engine room consoles, starters, sub distributions, custom-built solutions, etc.

Elpro provides

• Complete engineering of electrical installations with cable list, IO list and drawings.
• Electrical steel engineering.
• Consultants during the building period for yards and owners.
• Coordination between subcontractors, yard, owner, government and classification society.
• Interface between different suppliers.
• Highly skilled engineers for technical installations, navigation systems, generators and switchboards, control systems, data networks, PA systems, fire alarms, intercom etc.
• High-class work drawings for installers.
• Complete equipment packages delivered together with our trusted partners.










Elpro Maritime Engineering


• Olympic Champion
• RoPax / Passenger vessel
• United Express
• Container / Cargo vessel
• The World
• Cruise / Apartment vessel
• Trollfjord / Midnatsol
• Coastal Vessel
• Stavangerfjord / Bergensfjord
• LNG RoPax / Passenger vessel
• Bibby Topaz
• Diving Support Vessel / SAT
• Geowave Endeavour
• Seismic Research Vessel
• Grand Canyon
• ROV / Multipurpose Offshore Construction Vessel
• Boa Bison
• Anchor – handler / Tug / Supply
• GMS 5601
• Jack-Up rig

Complete reference  list on request

Contact person

Kjell Valseth
M: (+47) 982 37 605
E: kjell.valseth@elpro.no