Elpro Marine Consoles

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Tailor-made marine consoles for safe and predictable operations. Extensive project track records for cruise ships, ferries, barges, rigs and the offshore maritime fleet. With more than 30 years of industrial knowledge, our reputation is built on decades of industry experience, problem solving skills, reliability and on-time delivery.

Elpro consoles are designed and manufactured in-house by our experienced staff. To ensure the highest standard of quality and flexibility, our enclosures of the consoles are cut, bended, powder coated and constructed at our Agdenes factory. This ensures high quality at a competitive price and delivery time.

Elpro offers engine room consoles, bridge consoles and all other marine consoles. We invite our customers to involve in specification and design of their tailor-made consoles, enabling unique customer designs and deliveries meeting the highest standards of modern marine consoles.

When Elpro is an independent supplier of consoles, the customer can choose to order only the chassis or buy consoles fully equipped, internally coupled and FAT-tested. We also provide installation of the consoles on board including commissioning and global service for our products after delivery.

Elpro provides

• Tailor-made solutions
• Customer involvement
• Experience based engineering
• In-house steel and copper processing
• In close cooperation with sub-suppliers
• Fast and reliable delivery time
• Single point of contact


• Elpro engineers use advanced 3D design soſtware and forms the consoles to client requirements.
• All cut outs and predrilled holes are made before painting, and all surfaces are protected against corrosion.
• Construction and manufacturing: Produced in 2mm cold-rolled steel and in accordance with IEC 61439-2 and IEC 60092.
• Flexible solutions are possible due to in-house construction of all steel parts.
• Surface treatment: All parts are treated and enamelled with epoxy/polyester powder coated at our paint department.
• Resilience at our core in design and engineering work.


• Specification in close cooperation with client and systems integrator.
• Project management from A to Z. Single point of for clients.
• Engineering and design for marine purposes in accordance with the requirements of the
classification societies.
• Consoles are designed and engineered in Autocad Inventor.
• Wide selection of RAL colours available for customer unique design.
• Documentation is produced with state of the art design soſtware, and customer prior to  production approves the plot plan.



Hans Marius Mauseth 
Key Account Manager,                                               Marine

M: (+47) 415 40 880
E: hans.marius.mauseth@elpro.no