Straight Line Wipers ISO 17899

Custom-made, high quality wipers for maximum performance for bridge operators. With our reputation built on decades of experience
within the industry, Elpro always aim for the best solutions for our customers, based on reliability, functionality and short delivery time.

Elpro takes pride in being the Norwegian agent for SPEICH – a developer of high-quality indscreen wiper systems, specially designed for marine environments, according to strict reliability and durability criteria. SPEICH straight-line wipers are built for high resistance to harsh external conditions and allow quick installation. With such high-quality products, we can guarantee both
a minimum and maximum operational performance.


• PG-EXT is a straight-line wiper system with external motor to save space inside the bridge. Integrated motor protection avoids the use of fuses or breakers.
• The PG-EXT Distributed Control System (DCS) consists of a network of microcontrollers integrated for each motor, communicating via CANbus.
• The wipers provide maximum visibility for the bridge operator due to advanced DCS control, allowing perfect synchronisation of multiple arms, with high-speed stroke.
• Optimal visibility even in rough weather (high speed that exceeds ISO recommendations).
• Increased wiped area (more than 85%) .
• Wipers and auxiliaries operate as single units or as groups and from different points (e.g. central and wing decks) .
• On request, the system can be fitted with spray nozzles (PG-EXT.ZZ) or with heated frame (PG-EXT.HOT) and double arm (type PGD-EXT) for special requirements .


• Specification compiled in close cooperation with client.
• Project management from A to Z – one single point of contact for clients.
• Wipers designed in a lightweight construction and for simplified mounting.
• Simplified and cost-saving wiring, by utilisation of in-line connections for power and control wires.
• Delivered in a polyester coating finish, white RAL 9010.
• Documentation.
• Worldwide distribution and service.


• Tailor-made solutions
• Customer involvement
• Experience-based consultancy and engineering
• Close cooperation with subcontractors
• Fast and reliable delivery time
• One single point of contact














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